6:45:00 PM

im bakk (:
lOlx, kkays . shur u guys have heard abt edison & gillian & cecilia JUCIY NEWS huhs ?
lOlx !
seriously , im looking for their videos .
errm , hahahahas ,
im such a pervertic =x
kkays , hahahas .
have fun .
anws , went out w bf ytd .
we went ps , bought our couple tee for cny & valentine , lOlx.
den went bugis shopped cny cloths for bf .
& bf muscle is SO NICE now!
lOlx , ie couldnt stop feeling his muscle laarhx !
so , anws . bf was sick , headache & cough .
& he gt HIGH FEVER , mood was quite spoilt as bugis street was fcuking crowded .
made bf worst .
bf bought 2 tops & 1 bottom .
ie choose de tops for him cans ?
lOlx, & ltr went amk for dinner .
bought fish porridge for bf & ie ate beehoon soup for myself .
ltr decided to ask bf to come my hus cos my hus got lots of medi .
im damn worried tt bf will kena stroke larhhx, HIS BODY IS DAMN HOT .
so actually asked bf to wait for me outside but dad & mum asked him to come in , so he came in.
mum find de rite medi for him & advised him to c doctor .
ltr , helped bf to catch a taxi .
hOpe bf is feeling well now .
he went to bk in alr , & bking out on wed (:
lOlx , im gg to have a change of look . * secrets.

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