3:13:00 AM

Haiis , suppose to be aslp long ago ..
its almost 4 am alr.
but ie cant slp .
cant stop crying ..
Haiis , bee.
why must u do this kind of things .
WHYY!!!! u nv even think abt my feelinqs.
& w/o any words , u just get lock up in DB .
ended up , ie must search for u like a mad women & den realise THIS thing happened !
Haiis , y must this thing happened.
ie rly planning to strt a real fresh w u ,
ie rly planning to change into a veryy gd gf , a perfect gf for u .
Haiis , but ..
NOW !!! u like tt .
ie dunnoe whats ur actual reason that makes u do these things.
u noe u in camp & thr's regular check ups , y still do it ?!
are u a fool ?
Haiis ,
& even if u did have some xin shi that u cant tell anyone BUT this doesnt mean u CAN do these things rite?!
thr's so many other ways for u to fa pi qi ..
& ie rly rather let u attitude me , scream at me if tt will avoid this frm happening.
ie rather u just scream at me , scold me for nutting , everything ..
Haiis ..
now , what to do ?
ie have to accept everything & ie rly willing to wait for u.
im afraid that when u come out , u might have alr fade feelings for me.
will you ?
Haiis , im thinking so much now.
ie hate u for being so SELFISH u noe ,
w/o considering my feelings , u went to do this kind of thiinqs.
Haiis ..
u noe , its rly so unfair to me , to us , to this relationship .

bee , ie oso very worrie for u .
ie wonder what are u doing now?
crying ma?
inside must be very cold ba , inside comfirm very xin ku ba .
u must be feeling very upset now ba ..
BEE , cheer up kkays .
stay strong inside & ie will stay strong here.
UNTIL we meet agains , im waiting for u .
let's jiayous tgt kkays ?
ie wunt let go .. ie rly dun wish to let go ..
am ie foolish ?
well , maybe ie am , but .. ie cant stop it lers .
my love for u has fallen too deeply ..

kkays ba , end here for today .
BEE , ie do hOpe u're doing well .
eat well , rest well , be well .
takecare alriite?
sweet dreams my dear.


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