4:57:00 PM

HELLO world.

haiis , maybe this is it huh ?
cried for hours ytd , cried all the way till abt 2 am ..
& even when im closing my eyes , tryinq to fall alsp ..
tears will roll down frm my eyes.
ie dunnoe ib whatever u said is out of anger or wad ..
ie dunnoe abt anything anymores .
im afraid , im afraid of u ..
im afraid of ur words.
ie dunnoue when its true & when it will become UNTRUE.
one min , ur words seems so true , so enlighteningg ..
next min , ur words changes & it seriously hurted me deep.
ie dunnoe anything .. ie dunwans to noe anymore.
im very afraid of u alr , boy.

im bakk hm , just went amk to get geo a present (:
tmr is her b'day .
took pic of her b'day present , but ie cant post it up yet la .. cos ,
ltr she saw it b4 her b'day den nort niice lers.
SO , tmr .. AFTER she recieve her b'day present ..
den ie will post the pic up kkays .
GIRL , hope u LOVE it la.
dun like it oso better say nice ib nort ie whack u la !
lOl (:
so , met up w bro .. tgt shop for geo's present

at skool today was damn moody ..
its like , ie totally have no mood for anything .
after ytd , my eyes just cant stop feeling tired ..
issit cos ie cried too much / im just lack of sleep .
during recess , ie totally had no appetitate to eat ,
so ie decided to go to de sick bay & rest for awhile.
read thru all our msg-es , Haiis .
ie just dunnoe wad to believe .

he changes his words too fast ..
im lost , ie dunnoe wad ie do is rite or wrong .

so anws , after recess , ie felt sooo hungry ..
so after skool , tot wannted to waiit for bro to come miit me den go eat tgt .
but , ie couldnt take it & decided to eat ban mian .


it taste supperryy nice today , maybe its cos ie was SUPPPAARR DUPPPARRR hungry.
LOL . oh ! watched movie in skool today .
its quite a meaninnful show ie must say .
all abt trusting in god.
well , ib nw ie were to put my trust in god .
ie wish god will tell me wad to do .
LOL , so anws . the show isnt so bad ..
BUT , ie just didnt have the energy to watch .. my eyes is like .. cant open .
Haiis , mood was super lousy todayy.

well , nutting much to blog abt alr ..



ps : why u wanna change ur words again ?

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