9:38:00 AM

okk , ie just woke up now & im still rly rly tired. * YAWNNNN *
but somehow , ie have this powerful urge to wake up to use the net.
Hahahahas , maybe after so lonq since my com broke down .
FINALLY , my com is fixed.

ANWS, miss chua called me ytd cause ie din go to skool .

miss chua : ' hello , miss chua here ..'
cas : ' * fake cough * yeah ?
miss chua : ' ur voice sound different '
cas : ohh ,, im siick
miss chua : kkaes , how's ur N lvl ytd ?
cas : pretty bad .
miss chua : is that y u didnt turn up for school today ?
[ ok , what was she thinking ? ie didnt turn up in school cos ie felt to upset that ie didnt do well
for my N lvl ?! HAHAHAHAS -.-''' ]
cas : NO LAR , is qt flu * fake cough aqains *
miss chua : ok , tue bring mc + thermometer ok ? bye.

CUTE . lol , but tokking to her on the fone is like tokking to a friend ,
she sound pretty friendly , unlike in school .
so anws , ytd ie was too busy to blog as ie wanted to post some pic .
ie forgot to blog abt my N lvl .
is like , its nort difficult , but due to the nervous state ie was in + the conversation was totally
nort what ie expected .
ie went blank !!!
the qus was : ' what makes a teamwork work ?'
EASY right?!
ie went to say , friendship .
so ltr she asked me other than friendship ?
ie went uhh uhh uhhh uhh ... for 10sec + while they just stare blankly at me ,
it cause additional nervous butterfly to fly into my stomach ..
and ie ended say the coach make a better temwork .
OMG , no liink + no logic !
so , ie srewed up for my N lvl oral :(
after my N lvl oral , went to look for raymond , dortia they all at market .
and he said it was easy to him , he said abt attitude .
at that moment , ie was like , FCUK , WHY DIDNT I THINK ABOUT ATTITUDE .
and ie starts to think of soooo many thing ie could have said .
damn !
& when ie was reading the passage , my voice was like , ii..i .
Hahahaas , ie strts squeezing my tie .
im disapointed in myself .

alriite , qq to my mum's shop ltr w geo .
cause she qt some big orders & im qq thr to help her (:
thks geo soo much for making time to come help me , appreciated =D



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