4:25:00 AM

After all this time
Why do you still live in my heart?
Why do you invade my world
When it only tears me apart?

Each morning when I awake
I still see your face
Then all the memories resurface
And my heart starts to race.

I still see those beautiful eyes
That use to hypnotize me
So full of love and desire
If only you could have seen.

I still see that gorgeous smile
That lights up my world
It was one of a kind
That made my emotions twirl.
I still feel your sweet kisses
And the joy they would bring
The little things that you did
Truly made me feel like a princess.

But now it's all over
And these things still remain
I'm wondering if I'll get over you
Or will it just drive me insane!

gOsh -.-'
looking at my clock , its 5am alr .
170808 , shags .
why does this date still bothers me.
im feelings so sad right now , ie dont noe why ,
but .. memories just flows into my head.
every slightest thing he ever said to me ..
seems to be repeating in my head.
why am ie thinking abt him so much these days.
what wrong with me?

with all my ex-es , brking up doesnt affect me.
' brk den brk lah ' that's what ie always say .
cause , ie just dont feel hurt at all .
but until when ie met him , slowly ..
ie became addicted to him ..
& now , he seems to be haunting me everyday .
non-stop thinking abt him.
why did ie fall in love ?
when he doesnt care abt me anymore , why do ie still care.
is this what being in love taste like?
ie tot its suppose to be sweet & wonderful , somehow..
its taste so sour rite now.

He's out thr , loving , caring , hugging , kissing someone else.
when im here crying cause of him .
why am ie behaving this way ,
after all our memories tgt , after seeing his true personality .
why still ie cant let him go .
ie know he's nort a guy worth my love.
but love cant be control , when my heart dont listen.

sometimes, ie envy couples tgt on streets ,
especially when they're doing things we did before.
it will just remind me of US.
everyday , ie remind myself , ' FORGET HIM '
but , ie realise , the more ie try to force myself to forget him..
the more ie think abt him , the more ie misses him , the more i love him.

He's out thr enjoying while im dying inside.
now , ie rly hate the date 17 , CAUSE , this date brings me lots of heartache recently.
is this what life is ?

ie lay on my bed ytd , hugging my boster & all of the sudden ,
ie realise , my bed still have the smell of him . ( his body scent )
am ie thinking too much ?
immd , ie opened my eyes , ie took a deep breath in..
* SNIFFFF * yes , thr's a scent ..
the scent found on his body .
ie dont know if im just thinking abt him too much .
but , thr's just too much memories in my room D=

once , promises were made.
maybe , it werent serious to him ..
but ie kept it deep in my heart .
somehow , ie realise its just empty promises ,
but its too late , ie believed in it.


goodnites all .

stay tune (:


ps : u knew ie love u , u knew ie care .. but why when ie needed u , u were nv thr.

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