1:41:00 AM

did u guys try these qus out ??
anws ,

1. play the piano till find the right key =x

2. a fat lady riding a bicycle

3. g

4. aging

5. she paid by ez link

LOL , well hopefully it helped when ure bored uh .

anws , quite boring recently ..
cause ie didnt go out & stuff , therefore nutting to write.

however , was checking out xiaxue's old achieve.
& ie feel she look better in black hair instead of blonde.
cause , black make her look much more sweeter.

also , ie found photos of OLD dawn yang .
she isnt ugly laa , but she have those SINGAPORE CHINESE girl look norh ,
unlike now ..
ang moh look.
but , seriously la .. usually ppl whu goes plastic surgry , its like .. their face wunt look
natural rite?
but , dawn yang face is DAMN natural cans
she doesnt have any looks of gg thru any plastic surgry .
her surgry is one of the most successful one la , ie must say.
tho hers are nort real BUT whu will mind uh ?
so chio !
guys shuld be dying for her.


anws , lets nort tokk abt it alr laa.

HAVING a conversation w someone -.-''
& it disgust me.
however , ie cant say it here .
cause he/she might see it.

nutting to blog alr.



ps : my mistake was to ever start loving u .


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