9:58:00 PM

dun anyhows tell me if im better w or w/o u . cause u fcuking hell dun even understands me
at all , therefore , u have no rights to come anyhow say me.
what im happier w/o u , if wiping silently is what u call happy , den yes , i am.
what im always myself w/o u , come on la , dun come say this crapz to me.
wtf ?!
eh , u give up on our relationship .
DID ie begged u bakk ?
u push me away , ie tried to hold on .
but u continue pushing me away , causing me to be so fcuking hurted.
therefore , ie decided to just nort hold on anymore ..
cause , holding on is rly suffering.
BUT , getting pushed away is more hurting & suffering .
do u noe that ? NO , all u care is U & URSELF.
as tho , ie have no feelings.
NOW , u come judge me whether im happy or nort?
wth ?!

ok , im bakk hm.

quite disappointed in my chi prelim .
is like , ie was doing the writing no. de qus ,
so , ie have to read so many passage , its rly tiring.
ie felt like slping la , but ie tried to control.
den ie looked ard me , EVERYONE is slping.
WTH , fcuking influnces.
so , ie look at de clock , gt abt 1 hr left for my comprehension .
ie tot to myself , enuff time ba.
so , ie tot ie would just take a 10 mins REST & when ie woke up ,
looked at the clock , its 11:35 !
LIKE , only 30 mins more .
FCUK la , rushed thru the paper .
Haiis , gonna do badly for this agains.

so , went hm immd .
changed & bath .
went to amk library to study (:
LOL , ltr watched PROM NIGHT.
actually , quite disappointing la..
cause , nort as nice as ie expected.

ratings : 7/10 .

so , after that ..
mum msg , ask me to go hm .
so went hm lor.

PIC for today will be ...


stay tune (:


ps : I LOVE U but ie dun wish to hold on ..
cause , ure forever pushing me away no matter how hard ie try to hold on.

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