3:03:00 AM

fever gone up agains -.-'
LOL , fcuking dizzy liao .

issit cause of whatever thing that just happened?
Haiis ,
wanted to find his gf tmr.
even tho im having high fever , ie rly just wanna go look for his gf.
cause ie rly hen bu kai xin .. he like tt treat me.
ie rly couldnt let him go .. just couldnt.
cause of the love ie have for him .
cause ie cant believe , he just cheated me like tt .
THEREFORE , ie rly cant take it.

however , thks to weiseng.
he told me alot of things , ie find it meaningful.
ie told him tmr ie gg down find his gf .
he immd say NOO , DUN !
he said since he alr say he dunwans u alr , still so think skin go down for wad?
den ie was like rly bu fu qi lor .
so he asked me to da fang yi dian.
he said , im oso nort a dog .. so , ie shuld keep on biting his leg when he kicked me away.
YES , he's right.
he dun worth my love , y am ie doing so much for him .
didnt ie do enuff for him alr?
didnt ie sacrifice enuuf for him alr.
He doesnt noe how to treasure , y shuld ie keep on dun let go rite?

so , ie del him frm my msn .
ie del his contact .
everything abt him , ie just wanna del him frm my heart .
ie wanna go bakk to the cas ie used to be.
someone whu doesnt put relationship in the first place.
ie wanna be the cas 2 years ago .
Hahahaas (:

dun worries boy , my life will be better w/o u , ie assure u that .
after hurting me so much , ie believe ..
w/o u , life will be even better .. well , I WILL MAKE IT BETTER (:
so , jerk .. fcuk off =P
last long w ur girll.
oh , remember .. she whr nort happy , come only .

ok , fcuking pimples popping out , fever gg higher .
dizziness strting .

damn , ie rly got to go REST .

niites all ♥

stay tune (:


ps : ie will live on a happier life w/o u .

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