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For all the times,
You weren't by my side,
For all the times,You just watched me cry.
Everything you put me through,Hurts me so bad now,
And the pain wont fade away,
So now I have to live with it every day.

I cant believe you would do this,
After you told me you loved me,
And I thought it was true,But I guess you lied.
Now I'm here alone,Without you by my side,
No one for me to talk to,About what I'm going through.


been waiting for him to come online for so long ,
now thats he's online , ie dare nort tokk to him .
shags ~

anws , wanted to go out with shao jun today .
he said woodlands jetty nice to slack ?
LOL, ie dunnnoe , nv been thr >.<
asked chia if she wanna come along , but she dunwans.
so , 2 person slack , whr will fun .
so , ie decided nort to go .
LOL , chatted with weiseng on msn ,
he's gg chong pang to try a shop call ' taste of thailand ' ( something like tt >.<)
OMG ! sound soooo delicious laaaaa ,
the sourness of the soup , yummy .
their prawns , yummy ..
mushroom .. yummyyy .
wah wah wah , ie wan to drink tomyam soup .. >.<
but , im down with cough & flu + slight fever.
nowadays , always fall siick .
am ie suffering frm depression ?
cause , ie seems to be having heavy mood swings lately.
ie dunnoe why , ie get frustrated over lil thing.
ie dun seems to be the cas ie used to be .
ie seems to be unhappy nowadays , ie dunnoe .
guess , im no longer me.

watched a video in you tube last niite ,
its abt make up .
woah , the girl make up skill is like super good la ,
she can do so many different celebraties the make up .

just downloaded auditions , but cant play still .
no idea whats going on .
everything seems so lifeless laa.
bored .
whats going on in my head agains .
why everything seems to be him him him agains !
rahhhh ~

no whr to go , nutting to write , nutting to do .

stay tune (:


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