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im hm , just finished watching ' ONE MILLION STAR ' on chn 56.
their singing is rly suparrr dupar gd .
how ie wish singapore have such a talented voice .

Went bugis today with beloved georgina .
thr's foto , but im too lazy to post it today .
tmr , ie promise .
AND AND AND , my show is starting SOOOOOON.
' FATED TO LOVE YOU ' rly very niice to watch.
Hahahas , ie noe , im slow .. cause many of my friends have watched this drama .
BUT , who cares .
Hehehe .

oh , anws .
ie studied in skool today ,
Nicholas was so kind to teach me POA as thr's a test today after skool .
He was like my tution teacher .
asking me to memories the theory den ltr he test me.
UNTIL , ie memoriies all of it.
BUT , fcuk it , ie thought ie was SO PREPARE .
soooo '' PREPARE '' !!!!!
ie thought ie could pass for this paper.
maybe ie might fail the practical , however .
ie strived for theory .
BUT , the moment ie came face to face with the paper ,
ie realise almost NON of what ie studied came out.
if im nort wrong only 1 was tested.
How fustrating.
ie studied rly hard laa , even during recess while ie was eating with gary , raymond , qing hai & bing yao ..
ie asked gary to ask me a qus & ie could ans laaa.
BUT , fcuk it.

So anws , at bugis .
went to eat steamboat with georgina ..
OH guess what ?!
we was fated to sit in the EXACT same place whr kamiing & me sitted before laaa.
cause , actaully we are suppose to sit in the table behind .
& 2 chiinnaaa guy snatched the place away .
so we were ask to sit at the seats whr kamiing & ie sitted .
god dun allow me to forget him ..
even ie go eat steamboat oso make me sit in the place whr thr's sooo much memoriies.

& because ie always eats steamboat with my family .
ie was too use in taking lots of food .
so , we took so much dishes .
& guess what ?
we couldnt finish laa .
+ ie even asked for a BIIG PLATE of pork .
which ie usually can eat at least 3 plates , however..
ie couldnt eat much today .
ie just felt very full .
as we were forcing the food down into our bellyy.
ie noticed the waiter looking at us.

cas : ie think we better eat finish , if nort they will charge us .
geo : * forcing herself to eat *
& I wanted to vomit out .

we were afraid they will charge us for wasting their food laaa.
so , ATE ATE ATE until , we just couldnt take anymore .
& we decided , if we have to pay , we pay lorr.
stood up & went to pay the bill .
luckily , they didnt charge us EXTRAAA.
whew -.-'

called weiseng & ask whr he is as he was at bugis also .
he at dunnoe whr .. NAFA something?
so , din meet up with him .
went window shopping with georgina .
Hahahaas , ie tried on so many DRESS & cloths laa.
but, didnt buy any .
we just randomly went in shops & tried on 2-3 pieces of cloths
& off we go to another shop .
the sales girl must be damn pissed off !
they must be thinking , " NORT BUYING STILL TRY SO MANY . FUCK THEM LA ! "
cause , went ie worked as a part time ,
thats wad ie always do ..
ie will get rly piss off if a customer tries alot alot of cloth & end up nort buying any .
WORST , ie remembered once ,
a customer actually stayed in the shop for 2 hr ?
trying & trying ..
ended up , she just said , " ie will take a look first " and WALK OUT.
ie was like , WTF ?!!!!!!
"serving u like a queen & u didnt buy any .. hope u kena car bang."

SO , when ie was at bugis street ie saw a grp of army boys ..
& my eyes was attracted to a army boy wearing specs.
he looked like KAMIING !!!
ie immd turn & look .
ie told georgina & she ask me to shout his name..
but ie dun dare laa , even if is rly him ..
ie dun think ie will call him unless he saw me.
cause , after everything that has happen .
we stop contacting each other , blahblahblah .
ie rly dun think ie will be able to shout his name & if ie shout ..
he turns , ie wunt noe what to respond laa.
& ie scare if ie sees him agains , it might be harder to let him go .
cause , till now ..
im striving hard to let him go from my HEART.
so difficult ..
Haiis D=
thks to GOOOODD.

after that , went to geo's hus as mum said she will come piick me up .
slacked at geo's hus.
georgina's dog , bobby has grown up la.
what ie meant by grow up is that ..
he now is a hornyy doggy .
LOL , will fcuk our legs laaa.
disgusting .
imgaine , the red red one in the penis comes out & start rubbing on ur leg .....
Eeeeeee !!!!!!!
LUCKILY , it didnt happen on me okk.

ie wonder , is that every male goes thru ?
regardless , dog / human .
when a boy reaches his teens , he will naturally starts to have some fire in him .
because , why would a boy starts to feel something something for nutting .
it is because its nature?
thats just some horomones in the guy ?
hmm , thats something we should study during BIO lesson .

anws ,
ie got almost all my result for prelim alr.

ENG : 61/100

CHINESE : 60/100


well , this are all basically my passing subjects.
the subject ie depend on to pass my 'N' lvl .
risky uh ?


MATH : 28/100


POA : 24/100

seeeeee , all U.
damn disappointing uh.
seeing my result failing so badly..
now , im wondering ..
IF ie pass my 'N' lvl should ie go into sec 5 ?
or enter ITE & thru ITE , ie will study for poly .
cause , im afraid of wasting 1 year & ended up , ie cant pass my 'O'.
als0 , ie fear that ie wunt be able to study if ie go into ITE.
shags ~
im rlyadvise?

alrrites ..
MY SHOW IS STARTING .. got to go .
tmr pictures will be uploaded .
stay tune (:


ps : still thinking abt u badly .. Haiis D= emo-ed today & ie dunnoe y.

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