1:04:00 AM

hellos ,
bored now .. therefore .
im guessing riddles.
roy is asking me..
im asking weiseng ..
guess wad , weiseng can ans almost ALL the qus.

1. if u were locked in a room with only a piano. how would u get out?

2. wad weights 200 kilos , moves it's leg in a circle and has wheels?

3. wad is at the end of everything

4. what is everyone in the world doing at the same time

5. thr's this girl ,
board the bus she was wearing jeans and long sleevess she paid 1.00,
then another girl board the bus , she was wearing short sleeves and mini skirt.. and she paid 0.50 cents,
then the last girl board the bus without paying . y?

HAAHAHAHAAS , guess guess guess .
ans will be announce on next post .
LOL , ans in my tag yeaaah ?

hopefully , if ure bored .. this can help u =D

stay tune for the ans .

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