4:26:00 PM

HM (:
tired , gonna take a rest .

do comment on what u guys wan me to blog abt more..
cause its getting pretty bored.

tmr , gonna go amk library study POA .
Hahahas , suprise to hear tt?
well , chiong ba..

SS test was a SUCKY thing , source base qus , too hard ..
ie spent too long doing it , causing me to have no time to do my essay qus which worth 25 marks!
+ its something thats is alr in my brain laa.
Haiis ,
MATH ? no niid say . ie comfirm fail for it , HALF qus all nv do .
another halve , ti kum ti kum do .
maybe 1-3 qus will get correct , the rest ?
im nort gg to even imagine it.

vball after that , raymond is like training us laaa .
damn tired , went hm at ard 3.
shags ~
SMELLY SMELLY ME , gonna go BATH now.
vall competition on WED , jiayous !

stay tune (:


ps : hard time controlling myself nort to contact u ..
however thats the only way to make myself let u go .
once ie start contacting u , its impossible for me to ever let u go .

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