9:34:00 PM

just ate my dinner .
reached home at ard 4:30 .
damn tired , slept till 8:30 de moment ie reached hm .

went to yishun with swee & shiling.
ate at thr , saw joe & one of his friend .
but , we didnt say hello to him uh .
just saw him walking pass .
actually , after our broke up .
ie dun rly like stepping into yishun ,
so , when ie stepped into yishun today , my heart dun rly feel so good.
felt so heavy inside , kept looking at the memoriies we have been tgt.
shag ~
yishun was a place ie will always go at least once a week when ie was tgt with him.
NOW , its a place ie dun wish ie would have to step a foot in it.
full of misery & saddening storiies.

ALRITE , dunwans say so much uh .
so , did u guys read abt TODAY'S article ?
' New sex education programme , orginally aimed at Normal students ,
expanded to cover Express students '

Originally aimed at Normal students ?!
NORMALLL students , well thats what we are in the government mind ,
ie guess ..
so sad .
OH , anws . its nort abt the Normal / Express thing uh .
the government are trying to see the diff in Express student & normal .
well , ie gues the outcome is the same when it comes to sex.
however , im nort gong to say everything abt the article of course.

its just the particular article that attracts me .

' I didnt know boyfriend is 33 with a son '

is QUSTIONS popping out frm ur head ?

Q: how can she nort know that her bf was 33 with a SON ?!

ans : she said ' He didnt tell me how old he was and I didnt want
to ask as I didnt want him to lose interest in me . My friend told me he was 21 and i just believed my friend. '

OMG , come on , if she asked her bf & realise he's 33 , would she still be interested in him ?
Eeeee -.-'
Her friend airnt friend laa , so evil .

Q : why did she go to the guy hus ?

ANS : basically , they met at a friend 's party & the guy invited her to his hus ,
obvious .. thr's something she shuld starting using her brains to think ..
somehow , she said ' I thought we were just going to listen to some music '
childish anort ?
go a guy hus just to listen to music , will the guy be so cute ?

this girl , 15 years old is imply too childish laa.

she told the reporter she & her boyfriend practised the withdarwal method , but when asked what if he has ejaculated in her , she asked ' whats that '
see , too childish .. too too childish .

she didnt know the guy well , have sex with a 33 years old man .
So old & ie cant believe she can believe her friend that he's 21 ..
unless this uncle have this YOUNG BABY LOOK laa .
but , ie doubt so .
she's a normal academic student & she went to told the reporter ,
she dun know exactly how a woman gets pregnant .

Gosh -.-'
ie felt so disgusted after reading ..
like , how is it possible for a girl to nort know how to get pregnant ?
even if school teahcer did nort teach , ie believe her mother would have taught her.

Hahahas , but still ,
express is the same as normals student ok .
they may be smarter in school work , but nort in everything (:

stay tune (:


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