4:42:00 AM

My heart aches when I talk to you,
My heart aches when I don’t hear from you,
My heart aches when I long for you.

I don’t know why,
You’ve taken over my thoughts
I can’t explain.

ie guess ie finally felt like blogging ?
guess ie was feeling kinda lazy today ..
PLUS PLUS , ie had totally nutting to blog abt .
cause all ie did was slacking ard at hm .

YES , ie noe , u guys are asking ..

- cause , its soooo close to ' N ' LVL , guess everyone is hm STUDYING .

but , ie just cant study .
ie cant concentrate , my heart just doesnt wans to be staring infront of a book.
shags ~
what am ie going to do , ie cant do some self study .
ie did nort even touch my book today .
woke up & told myself ,
ie gotta studyyy hard today .
ended up , ie just couldnt.
ie felt tired the moment my hands are abt to reach for a txtbk .
OMG , im dead meat =(

Haiis , anws .. km blogged at his blog.
well , ie cant say OUR blog ,
cause thr is noort OUR alr.
ie read his msn niick saying abt only one post .
immdly , ie felt soooo happy at the same time anxious to read what he wrote.
tho , its just a short lil post , it didnt fail to make me smile just
that little while.

anws , went to ahma hus .
accompanied nana and geo to watch a disgusting DVD .
its considered RA as thr isnt any censored ,
even the sexual activity part . ( sex scene )
Hahahahas =/
some part is abt the people chopping the human leg off while the human
is still alive , nana went to cover her face.
ie went to stop her frm avoiding that part laa .
cause , the purpose of watching this kind of movie is to see this kiind of disgusting part riite?
thr's one part whr a jungle guy use a rock & suck into a girl's vagina .
OMG , ie can imagine the paiiin ...
woah !

Geo : wah , butterfly can fly inside alr .

see , she enjoys watching this kind of show .
but ie oso uh .
ie like bloody movies.
horror , bloody , romantic .. they are my favourites .

Imagine if a rock is sucked into ur cb , den blood came splashing out onto ur stomach .
woaaaah , ie liike it.
OK , joke.
im just trying to be lame here , cause ie have nutting to write abt .

so , went hm after that .
mum borrowed frm my uncle a tawain drama cd .
yeaah , ie watched it before .
however , ie decided to accompany my mum watch .
still the same , that show is niiice .
ESPECIALLY with wu zhun acting inside (:


one word , SHUAI !!!!
seriously laa , he's like one of the actor that catches my eye.
other den Mike He , Edison Cheng & some other ..
He is one of the top 5 ?
& the most attractive part of him is his sexyy lips & eyes.
gOsh !
Hahahas , tho everyone said his whole face is plastic surgry .
But , to me .. even plastic surgry oso shuai maa.
see frm outside enuff alr.

kkays , enuff of my crapping.
tmr maybe going to salon .
shuld ie reborn my hair ?
im nort reborning tmr , but soon .
hmm , but quite scare that ie will spoil my hair .

Oh oh ,
one more thing ,
would u guys rather go to japan / australia for holiday ?

stay tune (:


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