7:07:00 PM

ok , decided to update on just now post .
cause , ie thought abt it .
why do ie fear writing it down , like ie did no wrong -.-' + its my blog.
so , ie gonna write.
however , the name is for u guys to guess ..
or , u may ask me (:

ie was having a conversation with ********
first , he asked my cousin .. georgina for my no.
however , smart girl gave him my msn instead of my no.
he went asking her if ie & him can last ..

-im nort with him -.-' whats thr to last.

alrite ,so we chatted on msn .
& he went to say ' actually last time not ie wan brk with u de , is ur dad asked me to leave u '
ie got sooooo disgusted .
CAUSE , in the actual fact ,
ie BROKE up with him cause ie liked another guy .
immd steaded with another guy right after ie broke up with him .
& ie gave him the reason for brking up is cause thr's no trust btn us.
call me flirt or what , but .. its the past .

omg , so .. ie didnt tell him str8 that hellooo its ie whu mention brk first .
well , ie guess he wants FACE??
so , ie hinted him by saying .. ie tot the brk up its abt no trust ?
& guess wad , he still can say .. no its ur father whu ask me leave u .
ok , so he starts saying maybe ur father changed?
immd , ie say .. OH NOOO , my dad is still the same as ever (:

& he started saying if my dad didnt nort allow us , we would have still be tgt .
ok , he sounds like im damnnnn interested in him .
like ie cant live w/o him ..
like ie cried for him ?
come on , when we broke up ..
nort one tears was shed.

Hahahaas -.-' so, ie told him in a polite manner ,
' things changes , thinking changes , we might not last '
den he went to say actually ie thought of jioing u one , but scare kena reject . ( glad ure smart on this )
cause ie told him anyone jio me now all ie wunt accept.
BUT , he is forever oso wunt la + after his BHB-ness.
gOsh -.-'
so ie told him , ' dun jio dun jio , now no feelings jio for what ?! '
den he say ' ie got feelings , but scare get rejected '
so ie went to say , ' but ie dun have '
come on la , if he wants to play whu thick skin ..
ie wunt care abt his feelings & just shoot him down .

now got feelings?
eeerrr , its rly weird ..
AFTER 4-5 years nort speaking to each other ..
just less than an hour talk , gt feelings?
hey .. im no longer that xiao mei mei ..
Hahahas , ie wunt get cheated by u so easily laa.
come on -.-'

there , ie said it all .
Hahahaas -.-' see , no names mention (:
at least , ie still gives u face uh .

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