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sometimes , ie asked myself , is it wrong to love or to love the wrong guy ?
sometimes , one mistake can ruin one's life.
thats what ie did , ie loved him & now .. ie dare nort love agains.

HEYS , finally ie got that 'feel' to blog =X
Hahaahas , geo's pissed off with someone.
Haiiyos , just study harder uh ?
LOVEYOU sweety.

so anws , math paper 2 today was a nitemare.
like , ie can kill myself inside.
ie have no idea what its abt , somehow it seems familiar to me ,
cause ie noe teacher did teach these before , but ie just cant recall it .
guess , thats cause of the lack of attention in class uh .

shags ~ what am ie doing with my life?
seriously , im wasting my life away .
just slacking , ie dunnoe what purpose ie have .
ie dun have goals or aims.
everything to me is ANYTHING lorr.
but , ie got to stop this ANYTHING thinking ,
cause this 'ANYTHING' can ruin my future .
ie have to start to study study study.
or maybe piick up some skills im interested in ?
music ?
instruments ?
make up ?
SOMETHING to just benefit my future -.-'

anws , ie seems to be having problems with bois.
ie cant stand guys confessing to girl they hardly know.
ie dunnoe why , is it because ie & him got tgt w/o rly know each other?
ie will just get fcuking piss off by those guys whu seems so DESPO for girls.
gOsh -.-'
dont they feel this will only scare the ladies away ?
or maybe its cause they are just wayy to horny to think abt this.
they just want try their luck , but rly .. im disgusted by these behaviour .
its rly sooo fcuking disgusting.
ok , say im just too affected by what that has happened.
but , seriously , to think bakk .
what was ie thinking ..
before knowing him well , ie went to love him .
just cause ie believed in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.
guess , thats the differences btn 2 years ago & now uh .
cause , now . ie seriously do nort believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.
ie only believe in knowing in person frm INSIDE OUT den seeing if he matches
ur expectations den decides if UR PARENTS will like him DEN decides if u rly want to
enter a relationships DEN answer.
anws , im nort saying that he treats me no gd ,
cause in actual fact .. km treats me very gd ..
just alil too flirt?
& ie guess , fickle minded?
well , ie guess he has his gd & bad.
ie must admit , he still stays in my heart .
Haiis (-.-,)
oh wells .

soo , anws . went to ghost festival dinner today w family.
weiseng is there oso tgt with some phs ppl.
idiot la him , keep drink drink drink .
non-stop ?!
den its like he's drunk alr la , face all red.
so , ie wanted to go to the toilet * urgent *
BUT , ie dunwans to go to those temp toilets , damn dirty + ie wunt be able to
stand the smell uh .
so , weiseng bring me to the pub nearby . ( THKS )
geo folo .
both squeeze into the toilet ..
Hahahaas , geo dropped her hp.
luckily its nort in the toilet bowl !
Hahahaas , so after the dinner .
hm swt hm (:

acting cute .

candid shot.

TMR , wild wild wet (:
going with raymond & guys + dorita & me.
fotos fotos (:

stay tune !


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