4:28:00 AM

Why do I miss you?
everything seemed too good to be true.
I thought you would always be mine
it seemed everything was just fine.
What is it that I miss?

I miss every hug and every kiss.
Why do I miss you?
I can't forget how it felt to be with you
I can't forget all the times we had the good times and the bad
I trusted you with my heart
and now you've torn it apart .

All the nights up late on the phone is now time
I spend alone
Wishing you were here with me
gives me nothing but misery
So, why do i miss you?
simply because I can't forget YOU!


its 5AM now & im left with 1hr20mins to slp .
BUTT , ie just cant sleep .
kept thinking abt him & finally ie gave up .
decided to use the com .
damn !
its like ie decided that ie wunt fall alsp in skool anymore.
ie made this VERRRYY WISE DECISION & now ie cant slp .
gonna be soo tired tmr & im shure to slp .

Oh , ie didnt go skool today .
maid woke up late & called me late.
Hahahas , so ie went to told my mum & she said , write a letter lor.
wait , ie forgot to write the letter .

so anws , its quite scary lying in a dark room ..
cause when my brain are busy thinking abt him ,
ie felt quite scare too ,
u know ... its GHOST FESTIVAL .
Hahahaas , so .
ie rly does creeps me when all of the sudden ie heard a sound outside .
my hair immd stood .
ie decided to check it out , how brave !
& found out that bro was still awake , whew.

seriously , did u ever ask urself why people are so afraid of GHOST ?
like , they airnt harmful .
they or ie should call ITS just a person whu died.
why so scare rite?
its nort as if they will take away ur life .
indeed , ie do nort understand why humans are scare of ghost.
in logic sense , we will become a ghost one day .
we will join in their 'family' too ,
Hahahaa =D
so why scare of them ?
weird uh ?

alriites , enuff of GHOOOOOSTT alr .
studied today tho ie didnt go skool .
studied bio , ie rly am weak in enzymes.
like , ie have no clue what they are tokking abt ,
GEORGINA .. study bio soon soon uh .
Hahahaas xD
help me out in my ENZYMES.
ie realise that COMPUTER is a distraction to me .
ie cant study infront of the computer ,
cause ..
ie just cant control my fingers & start using the com.
so , ie ended up studying in mum's room .

ie rly niid help in lots of subject .
& this main subjects are so impt to go into poly.
Haiish , why did ie give up on these subject .
im so stupid laa , now.
my chance of passing 'N'lvl is 10% .
stressed + ie seems to be spending more time ,
thinking abt HIMMM rather den studying.
Haiis , if we did nort brk up ..
ie believe ie will be able to study more.
now , ie simply cant concentrate at all =(


alrites , ie rly got to go try get some SLLPP.
niites everyone .

stay tune (:


ps : Haiis , ure always on my thought & all it does is bring me misery.

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