8:35:00 PM

chatted with him on msn just .

actually ie was eating my dinner , after eating ..
ie went up my bro room & ie was fcuking amaze to see his conversation .
and my heart beat sped up immdly .
like from 60 per sec become 100 per sec?
its like tada tada tada tada tada tada ....
so fast laaa.
den my mouth non-stop smiling ..
ie told myself
" casandra , u crazy or what ? smile smile smile !! "
but , still ie smiled.

guess , ie still haven truely forgotten abt him yet .
even how much ie tell myself that ie have forgotten abt him .
the moment he talks to me ,
the truth will be seen , ie will be like a
lil silly girl tokking to her lover again .
Hahaha , but noo . im a big girl now.
ie dont wants to be that silly lil girl ever agains . (:
ie was that silly lil girl frm 170606 until 080808 ,
ie dont wish to be that silly lil girl again .

gOsh ~ why am ie still smiling?

noe what people ?!
casandra is not herself right now .
when she's back , she will post agains alrights?
stay tune (:


ps : curiousity ,did u smile after u woke up frm ur dream ?


Long ago of myself.

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