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cooled down alil alr.
So anws , chatted with nicholas on msn.
he was sending me the maple hack .
so , he told me there's this horoscope thing quite true .
ie read it & find it true too .
He too agrees (:




A man in this Zodiac will has a pair of round big beautiful eyes,
a nice structure jaw line.
He is a good listener and can understand everything easily and clearly.
He can guess what you will say before you even say it.
He often shakes his head or touch his hair.
He is a big built, but he will tend to have a small ear.
He tends to have a darker shade of hair and eyes' color.
He will likely have a short and strong neck, broad shoulder, muscular, strong hands and grips.
He has a shorter fingers compare to the man of the same size and same height in the other zodiac. His hands can work well at the same time can protect and care for his woman.
His height will be proportional to his weight.
He will walk firmly and always take a big long step.

As he walks he will look around in caution with no disturbance from his problems at
present or in the past.
He likes to watch things built with fascinate and wonder about how it is done,
so you could see him watching a construction site and not get bored.
He is a good dancer.
He is a careful person in instinct, so even at dance floor,
he will already have to know what in front or behind him before he will take any steps.
Green is his favorite color.

You will mostly see him wear green, navy, blue, or brown.
In all 12 Zodiacs, he is the one who can get the most satisfaction from possession of beautiful thing,
and cherish it as if it is very valuable to him even it is just a crystal ball made in France.
It is his luck that he hardly has to chase after woman.
They always come themselves without his invitation.
He likes to treat his guest in his house than visiting his guest at their house.

He does not like to be a center of attention, so if you need his help, you have to look up for him.
He lives his life in stability and simplicity.
Every decision made are already "Sure" and carefully thought out.
He will not do what he has been asked to do if he is not interested in doing it.
He acts casually but in reality, he always doing things seriously.
He loves peaceful and quiet environment so in his free time, he will stay at home instead of going out and look for adventure.

He loves nature and dreams of a nice and quiet house with lots of trees, or he may dream of a house in a beautiful countryside.
He will let you have freedoms and watching you in a distance.
If you are over doing something, he will let you know by his icy cold look.
He is the perfect lover in all the Zodiac for nothing he will not do for his love one.
He won't allow people to laugh at him or think he is a joker,
so he will spent for himself luxury for what it is worth.

He likes neat and well dressed woman,
so do not be a slop if you are dating this guy. If you do that he will loose his face.
He is the romantic type who would dance with you under the moon light.
Love will make him shines and you will see it in his face.
He will not say it out loud, you have to know it yourself.


A tall slim, cool and quiet woman. Once she is mad she can be very fierce.
She can work better than some men and she is very high confident woman.
In her opinion, woman is not just a flower or decoration at home or at an office and certainly not a weak sex who needs protection.
She likes to control and hide her weak emotions.
She will never try to change anyone, but she will learn to accept them as they are.
If she does not like someone, she will not comments or criticize but she will completely ignore that person.

She hate plastic and an artificial flower because it make her feel that you are not being sincere. She loves real flower and it's scent.
She loves a guy who wear after shave cologne.
If you are a type of a guy who wear your Jean one month before washing,
or wear an old sneaker, then you can forget about her.
She loves music and nature even there is a rare case otherwise.
She loves to go picnic in nature, so if you don't have so much time for her, you can take her fishing too.

She is not as jealous as Aquarius or Leo woman, but do not cross the line O.K.
Better not to see she gets mad, especially in front of public when she feels like loosing face.
She loves to make up and dress perfectly and very neat, so never rush her for this matter.
She has her own goal in life and does not care if you have a doctorate degree or not,
if she thinks you are not bright then she will not care about you at all.
She likes smart people by character not by certificate shown.
If you can not show her this quality, go and take a bus and go to the next stop.

She does not like a dreamer who talk about his dream but never put his hands in action to make it happens.
Don't bother to tell her "everyone is doing it, you should do it too", or "I think you should do it, it's good for you", because she will do what she wants to do only.
She is a neat and tidy person, so if your apartment is a pigsty , do not take her there.
If you go out on a date with her , try to be presentable such as nice and clean dress, clean nails or else it will be your last date.
She is a cool type and will not nag, so easy on your ears. She is a slow but sure type.
She will always respect and honor you and will never try to make you loose your face.
If she loves you, she will help you in anything you do.

She likes to help people and expect nothing in return.
If she asks you for a favor and does not get one, she will feel very disappoint.
She has a high hope and a high faith and beliefs in her own confident than believing in "Luck".
If she is your wife, you will have nice and clean home and a gourmet cooking. If your parents visit your house, they will be please.
She is a 3 in 1 means , a perfect mother, a perfect housewife, a perfect wife or you could say "happily ever after".



A man in this Zodiac has a thin long and proportional face.
He has a high forehead and very cleaver.
He looks like he can not stand or sit still, a very fast person.
His nose is just right in size, thin lips, talk fast and very talkative.
He can think faster than he talks, but once he start talking, he will talk non stop as if god has gifted him with that special talk machine mouth.
He likes to cut his hair short and he is very athletic.
He is a tall, slim and every movement of his is "Fast" or nearly call "Hyperactive".

He has a long fingers and always tapping on table or moving his finger as if he is trying to grab something. He is the type who will write or scribble on paper, he never stay still. His hair always well comb or neat. He will spent a long time to comb his hair.
He will keep his manicure and pedicure clean. He is a well dress and clean guy, so if you like cleanliness, you will love him.

He will keep all his cloth in big closet, and never throw away even shirts he never wear any more, but yet he still keep buying new cloths and make sure he is in style.
He knows how to dress well even with a low budget.
He get bored easily with his favorite cloths , cologne.
He is very picky, so soap and his cologne even have to be in the same trend or same scent. If you date this kind of guy, you might think you are dating 2 guys, you will have to guess his feeling and emotion. Is he doing thing because it is a duty, or is it because he wants to?
He change his mind as fast as he change a new pairs of shoes.

He can pick up a book and roughly read through and understand it's contents, so if you see a Gemini man who reads the whole book, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac.
He hate to set fix schedule, and dislike a boring same routine job.
He could hardly be on time, and can only keep time if it is complete important and necessary. He does not come late because he forgets,
but because he always find other attractions along the way.
He likes to act opposite to what he wants to do.
He is a very good speaker and make a very good politician.
He can easily persuade other people and well presented himself in public, a real charmer.
If he is a writer, he will write the best seller.
He always search for truth and constantly study himself.
He never satisfy about his fame, his reputation or money, because he thinks he deserved more.
He will keep searching even he is not sure what is his ultimate satisfaction.
Woman in love normally wants to feel secure and stable, but if you fall in love with this guy be prepare to be alone.
He will come to see you when he feels like it.
He won't even know how he spent his days everyday, so adjust yourself if you love him.
Dating him is like dating 2 guys, so today he can tell you how much he loves you,
but tomorrow he might call you to cancel your date.
When he upsets, he could tell you he hate your dress, even it is the same dress he used to tell you make you look very sexy.
Do not ask him why he is that's way for he won't have any explanations too.
When he is back to normal mood, he will take you out again and forget what just happened.
You can not expect him to be the same person now, and forever.
His changes will depend on you, for better or for worst.
If you like to take risk and dare for challenges, you will get along with him fine.
He keeps his emotional secretly as if hiding it, so you will not be able to see if he crazy in love with you, or does not give a damn at all, but be calm and patient.
He will never leave you if he thinks you are a puzzle,
then he will spent times solving this puzzle.

Have fun reading =D
Bye !

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