9:04:00 PM

feeling bored now -.-'
woke up frm my afternoon nap at ard 7 ?
called mi fong den went to eat dinner.

ie cant forget ytd .
when he said , he dunwans to lose me anymoree ,
as he held my hand so tight .
I just feel so happy at that moment.
Hahaha ,
as he hug me on the streets when cars are all driving past .
tho , is abit paiisehh ..
But , ie have to admit .
I felt rly happy at that moment.
when he asked me to give our relationship one more chance .
when he asked for patch ..
I rly wanted to patch with him at that moment str8.

Prove to me that this time , its nort some words u said ,
but will change ltr.
Prove to me , that u rly mean ur words this time.
Let me have faith in ur words once again , hao ma ?

tho end up ,
we didnt patch , however..
we will de , soon =D
ie know .
ie just need a lil more time to think thru everything .

ie guess if we ever patch
ie just want the fullest of u in this relationship .
ie want the bestest of the best best in this relationship .
ie want ur fullest attitude , contribution to this relationship .
ie wan ur whole heart to be in this relationship .
cause , if we ever patch ..
ie want it to be a long , lasting relationship with u.

anws , ie rly find our relationship really amazing .
its like , we broke up in such a horrifying way .
we made each other hate each other .
one party moved on , had a gf .
we totally stop contacting for a month .
we practically almost became enemies.

However , ended up .
Both of us didnt forget each other.
Like u said , u cant deny that im still in ur heart .
and when we start contacting ..
everything feels the same again , its as tho we have nort been separated.
we can just hug each other like we're a couple .
isnt it amazing?
if we ever patch , can we remain this way ?

stay tune (:


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