4:12:00 PM

finally , ie can use my com .
Just called the singNet technical support as my computer couldnt get
connect to internet .
whew ~

im pretty disappointed in something my friend did .
ie noe im nort suppose to blame him ,
but somehow . im feel rly hurt to know this thing.
my heart feels rly pain , ie rly cant accept that fact.
Haiis D=
forget it baa , tokk abt this oso no use liiao .

so , school-ed as usual today .
bored ~
ie have no idea why ie feel so tired.
ie slept at 11pm ytd?!
its like usually ie sleeps at 1:30pm , but ytd cause
my friend asked me to sleep ealr , ie went to sleep .
but , when ie wake up .
ie feel so so so tired.

Hahahas , oh . had a nitemare.
But , this nitemare cant say out.
only my friend noe cause ie msg-ed him last niite.
ie didnt noe ie actually woke up to msg him laaa.
morning , he msg me a good morning msg .
2 msg somemoree .
but , ie got happy awhile laa !

Hah , however . thr's alot of things in my mind right now.
im in a rly confuse state.
No idea what im doing .
Haiis D=
tmr maybe im nort going skool ?
cause , ie feel im falling siick .
keep having headache .
Hahaha , stress over my Ns ?
stay tune (:


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