1:40:00 AM

Happiness is an attitude of mind,
born of the simple determination to be happy
under all outward circumstances.

didnt go today agains.
bored =.='
nothing much to do at hm .
using the com , sleeps , eat .
thats my routine for today .

gOsh ~
im using bro's com now , more nicer to use.
Hahahas ,
of course laa . his is like a brand new com .
with BIG screens cans?
damn envy him la !
Hahahahas .

maybe im going to try play maple ltr ?
use bro's a/c .
noticed bro playing a private server in maple.
But , ie find it rly fake.
like , u can keep on re-birth after lvl 200 ?!
agains & agains but ur power still remain as strong?
nOw , he like can kill zakum on his own laaa.
zakum ( a strong opponent in maple ).
fake anort?
is like , in the normal maple ..
u got to spend at least 1 hr to kill a zakum ,
and only pros can go kill zakum .
maybe ie should play the normal one.
Hahahaaas =D

shag ~
im rly bored .
there's nutting to blog abt too .
what to do !!!!!!!
its only 1:46am ?!
im still not tired laa .
ie feel like going out to eat supper.

isnt this world a pity ?
its like actually supper is the best meal to take laaa .
ie realise when u eat supper , the feeling is different.
the food seems so much more tastier .
However , supper will cause FAT FAT FAT !
By fat , ie mean thissssss.


isnt it such a pity?
imagine, if our body were made in a different way.
& NO matter how much we eat , we wunt grow fat !
we will remain like thiss


gOsh ~ how lucky will that be .
Hahahaas , joke.
of course If we can can remain like this no matter how much we eat ..


den we are luckyyyy (:

ie rly envy those whu wunt grow fat regardless how much they eats.
Haiis -.-'
boredom !!!!
stay tune (:


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