4:38:00 PM


its 4:30pm nOw & ie just woke up .
Heh !
slept at 6am ytd , played maple all the way .
cause ie rebirth & ie chiong all the way to 4th job .
our guild says if anyone can chiong 60 rebirth in 1 month ,
will be rewarded .
maybe ie should try to get some cheat code?
joke -.-'

so , ie have this very weird dream last nite .
ie cant remember much of it .
However , its abt goldfish ?
me thinking whether or nort to kill a goldfish ?
what kind of dream is this ?!!!

ie wonder when we sleeps is it true our spirit goes out from our body
and go into another world?
like what mummy said , dont draw on people face when
they are sleeping .
later , their spirit might not recognise their face and they wont
wake up liiaoo.
that keeps me wondering ..

-why is there such things on earth ?
-where do all our spirit goes when we are sleeping?
-and , we actually become dead for a period of time?
cause spirit are ghost right?

so many question in my brains right now.
But , maybe thats just the older ppl says ,
maybe it isnt true at all .
cause if its true ,
den my spirit when into the goldfish world ytd.
thats why ie can see myself & a goldfish ?

Oh , anws . in the end ie didnt kill the goldfish uh ,
ie pick up the goldfish and put it in a small glass of water (:

So , another news .
im going genting this coming holiday .
dec 14-17 ?
in the past , ie will be quarrelling with my mum over the date laa.
cause ie will be damn angry that she chose 17 !
but , now .. guess ie dont have to worry abt nort being able to be with him
anymoree .
cause , 17 doesnt exist already .
its only a memory.

Next year , ie will be going either austrialla , japan or korea.
Excited !!!
my mum says if we go austrialla , we can free and easy .
japan and korea we have to follow the tour agent.
but , ie wanna play snow !!
ie wanna see ang moh too .
ehh .
which one to choose uh!
maybe ie should choose the one ie nv been to b4 .
its a rare chancee..

alrights , going to maple now .
OMG , im neglecting my studies.
shags ~

Oh . ie have this new bf in maple.
stupid laa .
he is 13 and he doesnt noe im 16 .
but , whatever ~
its just a game .. Hahahaaa =D
stay tune (:



just an old pic of me & my beloved girl ♥

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