1:33:00 PM

hm (:

gOsh ~ ie wonder if ie would get into trouble for skipping remedial ?

anws , school is fcuking boring today .
its like we only attended 2 periods .
the rest of the periods , we are on our own .
slacked ard in skool .
actually wanted to run with chia & swee de.
But , ie msg-ed gary he say prudence lim gt come.
so , ie didnt run ..
ENDED UP she nv come (-____-'')
earlier , ie should run la.

so , slacked at parade square with sheryl , gary , steven & bingyao .

steven is damn vain cans ,
ie search his bag gt wax , perfume , tissues .
Gosh ~ boys nowadays are getting SO vain !
even girls are losing out alr laa.

sometimes , ie wonder .
why , when a girl is vain , ppl call her bytch , slut.
den when a guy is vain .
ppl says handsome , shuai.
so weird , some guys will say .
cause ure a girl , is different.

However , nowadays girl are as tough as boys right?
Nort in musclee but in BRAIN..
its even said that girls are born smarter than boys (:
so , ie cant stand gender discrimination towards the women (:

we are as smart as everyone ,
we have the same ability as everyone.
we can do what boys can .
we CAN do what boys cant (:
AGREE with me ladies?

Heh -.-''
ie realise , im feel like im making a speech or something.
alriites .
erm , thr's 2 pic today .
just some snap shot , of bingyao being laame.
He is rly damn damn crappy laa.
ie have a video of his lameeee actions la , but ie cant upload them
ie dont know whyy .
sian ~


1st shot ,

wasnt a success .

2nd SHOT ,


definitely a success ,
Hahahas , a good boy (:
who have lots of lame jokes to crap.

stay tune (:
gonna play maple?
bought cash item ytd , dress for my charater until damnn cute !


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