8:16:00 PM


Hahaha , today woke up at 6am+ cause ie recieve a fcuking msg .
forget it , str8 away no mood at all .
sometimes , u rly very idiot cans?!

so , ie wennt back to sleep all the way till abt 3.10 ?
Mum was abt to go out , felt like going out .
I dont know why .
its like THURS is my HISTORY paper ..
den im like suppose to be reading up my notes .
BUT , ie dont rly have that study mood .

hmm , so we went to ICA building to make bro's passport.
& ltr went thomson plaza to shop for hus stuff & went sakura for dinner.
Nort bad =D
hm swt hm , rushed to toilet as ie was having stomache .
Hahahaas ,

stay tune (:


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