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Home home home.

mi fong went for a field trip today.
sians !
see , im starting to live my life whr ie have to hear his voice !!!!
rahhhh .
nvm , mi fong will be coming to my hus on fri !
Heh !
cause ie wanna study , ie dunwans go out.
But , ie wan see mi fong
So , ie asked him to come my hus .
Like that , ie can study & have him by my side.
Smart nort ?
whhat ppl says , ' 1 stone hit 2 birds '

alrights , so today graduation service was alrights.
what can ie comment on it , its like ..
some of us might be leaving next year , some might continue to sec 5.
ie do think abt all this 4 years we have been tgt .
bonding out friendship , making friends we would nv have met if ie didnt got into
this school .
what can ie say , fated .
Yes , ie believe My close friends & ie are fated .
fated to miit , fated to be firends &
slowly became such a close friends.
yuwen , chia , shiling , sheryl , elain ..
All are wonderful peeps =D
If one of us is to leave each other , seriously ..
How am ie going to get use to that ?
Haha ,

Out of soo many hundred school , we got into THIS school .
& we are actually nort from the same class in the begining ..
but somehow , ie forgot..
we actually became friends.
frm then ... in a blink of eyes , we are actually friends for 4 years alr.
time do fly pass so quickly =/

Its rly sad that some of my classmate might be leaving this year .
Like raymond said , who noes .. im one of them .
cause my studies are nort good.
Well , yeaah .
what if , ie leave after this year .
ie will rly miss all my friends .

so , ANWS . principle got us this dragonfly thing frm thailand.
ermm, suprise to say , I LOVE THIS THING SHE GAVE US !!!
LOVE IT ALOOOTTT , its soo amazing .
ie dunnoe what gravity of dunnoe what potential ..
it can balance.
Erm , ie dont know what im tokking abt.
Hah !
anws , ie took piic of this beloved dragonfly.

Green is mine & blue is yuwen's .
However , yuwen lost her .
no idea how it went missing.
I love my dragonflyyyyyy ♥
Look , im just using the tip of its mouth to balance it on my finger =D
Candid shot taken during graduation service.
This beautiiful ladies are all my sweetheart , I love them.

So , anyways . after graduation thing ,
went to j8 with swee,chia,shiling,sheryl,raymond,qing hai,ivann,gary,steven.
they went to eat at the kopitiam while swee , shiling , chia and me went to mac.
Hahaha ,
after that the rest went back to YCK .
Only left with shiling , swee & chia .
we shopped ard j8 .
looking for a everyday dress .
what ie mean is casual dress =D
Hahahas , spotted one but it cause $59.90 .
Nort worth =/

after that , decided to study chem .
swee & ie went back to school to look for gary & sheryl .
Hahahas , study until abt 5:45 =D
swee is a goood tution teacher .
hm swt hm .

alrights , here is a last piic of my beloved dragonfly.


Look , ie put my findger str8 and it didnt fall off.
ie swear , ie didnt use glue.

Okk , stay tune (:


ps : ie miss mi fong !!

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