9:05:00 AM

ie cant sleeeeeeeeeep =C
mi fong !
ie blame u laaaa .
Hahahaa , joke joke.

last nitte , slept at 2am + .
woke up at 4am by mi fong's msg .
realise he called me oso but was tooo tired to reply or call bakk .
his msg is soo sweet , ie smiled & fall alseep .
DEN 7am+ another goodmorning msg frm mi fong.
again gt woke up .. cause my ring tone too loud liiao.
+ ie dunnoe why my air con after drip water ..
den nort cold de , make me so hot & uncomfortableee.
ended up till now.
tried to sleep but cant ,
give up laa , decided to wake up & use the com lor !

im looking forward to our next ice-skating Horhhhhhh .
u promise me to bring me go , must do it HORRRRHHH .
u nv , see what im going to do to u laaaa >.<
we agree to take one step at a time and nort rush into things (:

so , anws .....
im going out ltr with family , ib nort ie wuld miit up with mi fong uh.
But , nvm .
we're going to eat some buffet ?
den ltr mum wan go to simei to see car , she said there got those super model .
Hahahaa !
so , yesss . think we're going thr (:
will update moree when im home uh .
dont miss me too much but miss me =D

Notice that my mood are super happy?
well , basically .. ie am .

Oh , Ns are really really near ..
& im stuck .
ive no idea what to study , what to focus !
chem , bio or math !!!
these 3 sub im super weakk in it .
BUT worst , all of them are test in ONE stupid day !!!
so , which to study first =C
shags !!!!
georgina aw , study soon ... BIOOOOOOOO =0
stay tune (:


ps : will the future be a better one ?

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