2:00:00 AM

just bath finish .
feeling clean & fresh .
went online & ie decided to go view kamiing profile .
WOAHH , guess wad ie saw?!
LOL , pic of him & jiayi .

actually thats the purpose why ie didnt del his friendster profile laa .
ie was waiting for him to put his gf face soo ie can noe how she look like.

they look very happy tgt .
gald to know , he is having a good relationship now uh ?
happy for him =DD
tho his gf isnt that good looking =/
ie remembered jayqi's profile gt jiayi's pic .
she look quite alright , HOWEVER .
thats cause the pic ie saw was edited with photoshop ?
BUT , now , d person ie saw is two different person ?
one pretty another one .. ehh .. u noe whattt . LOL

maybe its because his gf isnt good looking thats whyy ie wunt feel much ?
cause , seriously .
ie expected myself to feel angry , upset .. exploding .
BUT BUT , ie actally smiled & laughed when ie saw their piic laa !
wah , but heng uh ~
if his gf is those CHIIOOO BU , ie comfirm go crazy de .
Hahahaa =D

seriously guys , im just so amaze at myself that ie still take a 2nd look to have a closeer look
at his gf face .
ie didnt care to notice kamiing face laa .
but , ie was looking at his gf arm , quite fat ?
nort say fat laa , but she gt big arms.
aiiyas , dunwans comment on her look alr laa .
ltr ppl think im jealous .
Hahahahaas =D

eh , but serious ok .
im nort jealous at all & ie cant believe this is my reaction !
ie expected myself to be yelling , crying , calling yuwen & screamm.
omg !

soo , anws .
nv rly go anywhr today .
went to rachel b'day present
had buffet ?
den went hm .
tmr ie will upload piic , too tired today .

stay tune (:


ps : omg , im soo proud of myself .
ie believe forgetting kamiing once & for all isnt a problem alr .
Heh heh heh =D
finally , im successful in letting him gooo .

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