11:49:00 PM

just had my dinner , reached hm at abt 11:30pm.

as ie said earlier , took my afternoon nap as ie was superrr superr tired.
slept till abt 5:26 and was awaken by mi fong aka kaming's call .
he ask me if ie wanna go out watch moviee.
Hahahaas ,
since ie alr slept abt 4 hr .
felt quite awake , so ..
ie agree with him =D
woke up , bath , change & make up .

took bus 86 to amk .
mi fong is superr cute ,
actually said wan to pick me up frm bus stop .
Hahahas , so met at bus stop .
walked to amk hub .
actually he said he want to watch the show ' shui ye '
but dont have ,
errm , ie have no idea what that show is cause
ie didnt take note of recents movie as Ns are coming near.

so , ended up ..
we saw the advertisment ' MIRROR ' .
Look niice , so decided to watch ..
Guess what ?
ie passed thru as this show is M-18 .
Heh !

Was so afraid they would want to check IC uh .
guess , that means im cao lao uh =C
so , anws .
the show was nort bad.
quite bloody , scary at certain part .
ratings : 6.5/10
can watch ..=D
was super cold inside , but of coursee.
mi fong body temperature was warm enuff to pass some warm to me =D
if nort ie would have freeze to death .

After the show , went we came out of the cinemaa ,
the shopping temperature was even COLDER cans?!
im like shivering laaa.
and this idiot , keep using his cold hands to touch me .
So cold alr cans ?!

Hahaha , so we went to amk playground .
ie wanted to play swing but was taken =x
so , we went to amk park to walk walk ,
walking under the stars & tree .
chatting away .
rly feels very xin fu & happy.
abt 11 , mi fong sent me hm .

mi fong ,
hope u wunt change horr.
give us some time to settle our past problems
before taking the next step ok ?

alrights , im going to wash off my make up now.
stay tune (:


ps : these days are getting better & better , will it end? hopefully nort.

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