11:39:00 PM


just watched tv & now decided to blog.

LAST NIGHT , something horrible & scary happened.
ie think ie saw GHOSTT .
ie dunnoe , cause its like in the middle of the nite , ie all of the sudden felt damn urgent to pee!
as my tv is infront of me , ie tend to look at it when ie open my eyes.
den last nite , ie kind of saw a shape of a lil girl beside my tv at the corner of the wall .
somehow , ie tell myself , maybe its just some shadow mixture .
ie take a 2nd look & somehow , it seems to be moving toward my door.
( my eyes auto-ed followed the shadow laa )
ie tell myself , if its rly a GHOOST , maybe it just passed by my room ?
ALL of the sudden , the dark image STOP & somehow ie felt its looking at me.
my hair immdly stand laa .
ie was like " OMG , dun tell me it know im looking at IT !! "
ie hid under the blanket & pretend to slp.
but , ie was damn urgent laaa.
den ie thought ie would just BRAVELY open my eyes & if the thing is right infront of my face ,
ie will just scream .
immd ie close my eyes & got up frm my bed & ie rush to de door & open it .
den ie take a look behind my door , NUTTING .
so , ie just went to do my business .
& went bakk to my bed .
this time , ie decided to face the other side.
& all of the sudden , ie felt like something was close to my back .
my heart beat immdly sped up twice as fast , ie started sweating non stop .

ie close my eyes .
ie kept praying
" amitoufo ... " BUT ie felt its useless ..
den ie started to ..
" dear lord god father , pls protect me frm evil spirit , im having my eng N lvl tmr ,
ie niid a good slp , amen "
STILL , useless .
that creepy feeling just cant go away ,
& im like sweating non stop .
final , ie just rush out frm my bed room & went into my parents room.
my mum was like what happened?
ie told her that ie think ie saw something.

NOTE : it isnt the first time alr. it happened at least thrice?

my mum went into my room but she saw nutting.
after ie calm down , ie decided to go bakk to my room .
ie switched on the tv & slp .
its a damn scary nite laaa.

so after skool , ie realise mum did nort work today .
they decided to bring me go pray .
so , we went to chinatown .. went into the temple & prayed .
hope , ie wunt have to experience this ghostly encounters anymoree .

anws , eng ' N ' lvl was nort as easy as ie expected.
ie thought N lvl will be easier ..
however , hope ie do well ?
cause , im aiming for a b3 / a2 .
the qustions cambridge set was quite difficult to understand .
its like , ie have to crack my brain to figure out what the hell they wants frm the qus .
hmm . finally , half of my N lvl are over.
3 more weeks to the next exam , however..
im going to take a SHORRT brk for now (:
stay tune (:


ps : ie have no idea whyy u are soo sensitive .
nort that good looking only maaa , nv say ur gf is UGLYYYY .
Hahahahaas , chill laaa (:
the most u give her $$$ go do plastic surgery lor (:

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