2:23:00 PM

Last min decided nort to go skool today -.-'
cause today , WHOLE DAY will be math period .
im nort going to sit there till 3pm just studying math .
ie will DIE !

Heh , so ie went into my mum's room .

" can ie nort go skool today ? "
mum : " why ? "
" today's lesson boring "
mum : " up to u laa , u old enough to decide "
" Okay , ie dont go ! "

so , ie went bakk to my room to sleep.
& ie dreamt of this weird dream ?
ie dreamt that ie was taking thr mrt & all of the sudden out of no whr ,
a car appear infront of the MRT .
The train OVERTURN , and ie died .
everyone died.
den all of the sudden ie live again , this scene kept repeating all the way till ie wake up.
stupid dream !
but , maybe ie should stop taking mrt for 1 week , incase this
was a warning for me?
Omg , im thinking too much la !

okay , im going maple now.
ytd chatted with a GM .
den ie was like acting cute inside laa.
cause , my dress is suppeerr duper cute cans !
Hahaha .
stay tune (:


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