11:33:00 PM


my friend ,
hOpe u remember whatever u said to me .
& hope , u wunt disappoint me anymoree,
If u lie to me agains , ie will rly hate u ok?!

Let nature takes its course baa.
If we are meant to be , we will be tgt one fine day =D
However , ie wish no history to repeat .
like ie said , ie only wan new recording & no replay .
cause replays will only cause hurts.
u said , replay with less quarrels.
but , is it possible?
Hahaha , so .
its better to start a new recording.
maybe our ending will be a different ending right ? ( a better one )

just chatted on with my friend , he go sleep liiao (-____-'')
bored now.
confuse state, haiis.
afraid to make the wrong move.
afraid history will repeat .

lets take everything slowly , lets not rush into things.
think abt everything carefully ,
and make shure , in future ..
there wil be no regrets to our decision ♥


PS : hope everything will be what ie wish it to be. a better tmr , thats all ie pray for.

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