3:51:00 AM

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.

ie happen to pass by this quote and ie tot
ie would share (:
ie find it really meaningful (:

just helped bro with his NEW blog , do visit it .

ie didnt blog today as ie got nutting to blog , cause ie spent my whole day sleeping.
lifeless freak !
but sometimes going out makes me sick
because , going out = spending $$$ .
and im pretty broke right now .
somehow , thats the reason y ie seldom go out nowadays.
ie used to feel if ie dont go out i'll die .
somehow , now ive a totally different thinking.
Heh heh , ie guess ppl do change as they grows up huh .
but , this = nutting to do at hm too .
is thr anyway ie can GO out w/o spending $$$ ?!

Heh heh heh !

oh , something happened at home.
daddy's toe nail came of laa !
he was closing the window & somehow he feet kick on to the edge of something.
He didnt scream cans?
he just walk to us , " see my toe ."
LOOK & scream !
omg , his toe nail were like point upwards .
its nort the outer part , its the WHOLE nail cans?
den he still dunwans put plaster .
mum was like , " how are u going to sleep like that !! "
den end up , bro went to take a plaster & mum help him paste it.
Poor daddy , gOsh !
ie think ie will scream like fcuk & cry if this were to happen to me !

and ie wunt bath until my toe recovers
I dont care !
call me dirty or what , but ie wunt be able to stand the pain !
Hahahaas =D

ie wonder how's daddy going to work tmr , he have to wear socks & boots
when he going to work.
his feet with get wet , omg.
tmr will be a disaster for daddy .
he have to go thru so much pain tmr.
hope it wunt get infection.

Mummy told me the electric bill gone up to $500 + , gOsh !
im going to save up alot from now on.
cause , im starting to feel really bad .
its like she pays for my expenses whenever ie go out.
e.g: if im going to watch movie , she give me a $30 str8
if im going sentosa or what , she immd give me at least $50-70 .
im spending so much recently ..
nOw house bill gone up &
ie feel ive a part of it.
Therefore , im cutting down on the electric ie use .
ie should help my mum lesser her burdens.

its like 4:03am now , im going to sleep alr .
stay tune (:


ps : ie wanna be mummy's good girl.


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