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remember the first time u stepped into a dental clinic .
when u hear all the buzzzing sound coming out from the tools.
seeing needles pointing at u .
entering ur mouth .
clang clang clang sound from ur teeth ?
after that , u were told to wash ur mouth &
when u spit out the water , u see blood ?
Yess ,

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This is bingyao in the dental clinic in our skool .
he got a tooth growing in the back of his gum.
ie asked him to open his mouth let me see , cant rly see anything.
however , he seems to be in pain laa.
LOL , so ie kept asking the dentist .

" give him painkiller ! give him painkiller . "

Anyways , im rly special u know ?
cause ie love to go to dentist !
just opening my mouth allowing them to check my teeth , washing my teeth for me .
ie will feel so comfortable as ie close my eyes & relax.
after seeing bingyao going to the dentist today ,
maybe ..
ie will go soon (:
just for normal checkups & washing !
heh !
anws , its free !!!!!

so , did u guys ever wonder , what its like to stand in the dentist shoes?
people going to de dentist are afraid of them .
However , did it ever occur to u that maybe the dentist are afraid of u ?!
imagine , someone who doesnt BRUSH their teeth ,
just nice the dentist forgot to pull up his mask , take one deep breath & faint.
imagine how many smelly , yellowish teeth they will have to face every single day !
ie believe , they will be afraid too la !

so , back to today's life.
as normal , School and home.
LOL , had history mock test today .
ie didnt had time to complete it.
spent too much time on SEQ .
Hahaha , lucky is only a MOCK test and nort 'N' lvl .
whew (-____-'')
will be going to some god's dinner ltr?
will get to see stupid bettings .
LOL , hope thr's some goood food over thr uh ?
stay tune (:


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