4:17:00 PM

slept at 7am today morning.
Hah !
cause bro came hm at 7am ?
Haiis , ie feel guilty for telling my mum that he nv reach hm.
But , what to do .
ie call him to come hm , he only argue bakk .
+ ie tried helping him cover ..
ie expected him to have his limit , at least reach hm abt 5 .
ie will keep my mouth shut.
But , its coming 6am , yet he's nort hm .
obviously , mum did nort say he can stay till morning.
PLUS , tarlem is alr waking up .
so , no choice .
ie went & ask my mum , what time u wan didi to reach hm .
shag ~
Know he's going to be angry with me .
But , my mum trustes us now ,
ie dun wish to do anything to betray her trust .
so , bro ..
Hope u know , its for ur own good .
better than letting tarlem telling mummy that u didnt come home right?

anyways , mi fong msg-ed me a sweet msg before ie go to sleep.
& yes , it made my sleep very sweett .
Hahahas !
But , agains ..
ie dunwans rush into things laaa .
so , mi fong , let nature takes its course ba.
prove to each other that everything will be different in future.
den we will consider if we shuld take the next step ok ?

bored , nutting to do now .
bro is attituding me -.-''
forget it .
stay tune (:


ps : Oh , ie decided to change km & mine blog into privatee due to some KPOs reading .. If u are interested in reading , just tag me with ur real namee / ask frm me personally . ie wanna noe whu are reading my blog . So , KPO .. dont think of reading anymoreee uh =D

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