3:30:00 PM

sorry peeps ,
reached home at ard 10:30 ytd , however when to watch a new drama which
ie following .
' Hello xiao jie '
Loook nice (:
after watching the show was too lazy to switch on the com .
as ie was rly fcuking tired.
so , ie went to bath & sleeep.
Hahahas , anws ,
went out with bro , we decided to go & eat my mum's chicken rice .
i've been wanting to eat her chicken riice.
its like , ie go everywhr eat .
the taste is so different.
ie still loves my mum's chicken riice best (:

slacked at thr frm 6 - 9:30+
Hahahaas .

here are ytd's piic (:


taken before going out , acting cute.


slacking at mum's shop .
ie know my face color looks weird here .
Hahahahas =D

And now ..
a shocking shocking pic ..


im a ghosssssssst (:


Hahahaaas =/
nort funny?
ehh . too bad laa !

today in skool .
damn stress & tired.
total 6 periods of MATH ?!
almost the whole day was math .
only 2 period were bio.
suffering cans?
ie forced myself nOrt to sleep as 'N' lvl are really near.
However , ie did doze of a few time.
Geez -.-'

so , during recess .
ate with qinghai , bingyao & raymond.
den all of the sudden gt this boy .
Issac , he's a lil siao siao one uh .
he walked towards me frm no whr & ask me to help him open his kikapo bottle. ( soft drinks )
so , ie was like " u ask me for what ?! here got so many boys . "
den he gave that sian diao look ..
bingyao was like " u dont know how to open meh ( in chinese ) "
den when he wanted to help issac , all the did was touch the cap and its alr open.
the bottle was all along opened alr laa.
crazy nort?
bingyao gave that sian diao look as he was thinking , got so difficult to
open a bottle meh ?
LOL , we all laughed like fcuk laaaa.

hmm , thats all for today.
went hm after mock test .
stay tune (:


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