5:12:00 PM

tired tired !

school-ed as usually.
morning went to eat with swee , chia , sherly & shiiling =D
ate nasi lemak .
promised my friend ie will nort skiip any meals .
and ie didnt .
good nort?
Hahahahaas .

POA lesson , felt so tired.
Why ?!
because miss chee class is soo boring !
is nort that ie waant to sleep .
but , 1 half hour & all she does is teach teach teach.
thru out the whole lesson , no laughter no sound .
just her voice teaching.
ie could take it , * BBOOOOM * , ie drop on my table.
fall alseep thru out her period.
when ie woke up , gary was like .
wah . finaaly wake up ( in chi )
ie at other lesson nort tired at all laa.
all thks to her lesson !

worst , when ie woke up she was giving out worksheet ,
& she didnt give me !!!
guess what she saidd ' ie dont see the point of giving her any worksheets '
Oh , nice man !
fine , dont give den dont -.-'

Oh , today during recess damn funny .
raymond & chia was like ' quarrelling '
den chia hold her eaten watermelon skin wan throw at raymond .
chia ' i throw at u uh ! '
ie forget what raymond said , but its like ask her throw.
den chia throw & raymond was like ' guaii '
den , chia pehhchek .
plus , she felt bad that she litter the floor.

when she wan pick up ,
raymond said something like .
' go pick up .'
den she dunwans let raymond say her ' guaii ' maa.
so , she stand thr , dont piick up
wahlao , den start screaming at each other?
Hahahaa .
ie laugh until stomach pain + can feel my mense all dripping out laa.
but ie cant stop laughing.
ie walk to chia ..
den she was like , ' ltr he say me guaii '
Hahahaa .
end up , qinghai , raymond & ie pretend to walk away.
when we turn ard , the watermelon skin gone liiao .
chia damn cute la !

after skool , went market with shiling , swee & chia.
was too tired to eat ,
watched them eat .
den ltr swee & me skipped remedial .
went to eat dessert .
& hm swt hm =D

ytd , chatted with my friend on fone till 12?
my silly friend , tired alr dont sleep .
cant stand !
ie feel so happy that we chatted without quarrelling.
Hahahaas , cause usually my friend & ie always quarrel de.
this time nv =D
good goood .

kkays ba , ie end here.
stay tune (:


ps : the brightest star on earth is a smile on your face.
[ this quote is made up by me when ie was lookign at the stars in the sky (: ]

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