5:06:00 PM

arrgghhh !
its like 5pm alr.
still no news of kaming.
how long does it takes frm aus to sg ?
7hrs? 13 hrs?
ie dunnoe.

ie hardly can take off , ended up spending my off day at hm
looking at each min passing by , looking at my hp to see if thr's any call .
gOsh !!!
im getting rly pissed off .
haiiiiiiiiss =c
ie think he at nite den will reach his camp ?
shags ~
ie got feeling he's nort bking out today .

Wahlaos , everytime like that one.
thing just doesnt go the way ie planned.
so hardly can take off and im sitting here blogging.
Which is the worst thing ie wan to do now.
cause , ie usually blog when im super bored .
and yes , I'm SUPER bored now.
stupid kaming . hurry come back cans?

anws , going to eat my maggie mee.
stay tune (:


ps : im down with soarthroat =c

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