12:18:00 AM

Back from work .
today solo cashier and is rly tough .
so afraid to make a wrong amt or tender wrongly.
den ie will have to pay !
shags ~
being a cashier isnt easy at all .
My money doesnt come free and if one minor mistake made.
ie might have to pay up to abt 400+ dollars.

Anws , ytd night ..
ie couldnt sleep , tho ie was closing my eyes .
somehow , my brain were nort sleeping.
ie was waiting for kaming's call .
And all of the sudden ie heard my ring tone
immdly turn ard and ans my fone.
kaming was back at 5:30am
Hahahahas xD
But , ie wasnt happy cause he couldnt come for my hus warming.
so much of a moment of joy.
nvm .
he have his reasons.
his sister is getting married.
If ie get angry over this , im way too unreasonable alr.

wanted to meet him after work but its too late alr.
guess will be going to his place tmr morning =D
told him abt recent things that have happened.
he only said one word ' lame '
lOl ! guess he cant be bothered with untrue rumours.
ie have to learn frm him .
ie shuld nv care abt stuff that are nort true =D

so , anws.
nothing much to write.
Oh , was walking ard jurong point and something caught my eyes.
i'm buying it once ie recieve my PAYYYY <3
nort telling u guys what it is UNTILL ie buy it.
dunwans ltr all strt going thr den buy den nort special alr =p
stay tune (:


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