5:14:00 PM

back home and im free from exam stress alr.
ALL my impt subjects , eng , chi and humanities are tested (:
FINALLY , ie can let out a sigh of relief & rest my brain cells,
tho tmr is math , but is a 99.99% im failing , so ..
nort going to study much for this subject .
and 7 oct is POA which im planning nort to study at all .
heh !

so , history was alright ?
its like the first time ie do until so relax .
what ie meant by relax is ie dont have to rush ..
usually , ie will nort have enough time to complete .
But , this time ..
when ie finished , ie still had 3 mins to check my work .
WOAH -.-'
tho is nort easy ... BUT , ie dunnoe.
LOL, can pass =D

anws , reached sch at 10.30 .
waited for chia & went in to consult mdm loo abt history .
after , went canteen to study with chia , elain , raymond , terence & gary .
ie was totally no mood to study ,

DUE to something & ie guess my brain cells are alr bursting.
PLUS,ie did nort have a gd sleep last nite.
slept at ard 2 plus waiting for mi fong's call ,
wait untill sleep ..
den woke up at 4 , look at my hp ..
still no sign of his call ..
slept bakk and WOKE UP AGAIN at 6 ,
msg him and sleept again den WOKE up again at 7 ..
recieve his msg ..
But too tired to reply ..
SLept all the way to 9:48am den woke up & change.
is this call SLEEP ?
no right!!
rahhh .

alrights since my exams are ' OVER ' , im going to maple NOW.
hehehe !
stay tune (:



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