5:43:00 PM

Bored .
going for an interview tmr morning.
Then , if thr's time ..
going to look for swee & sheryl <3
Miss this 2 girl soo much!

im playing maple now ,
but ahgong is bathing ..
so decided to come blog first .

Nothing much actually , cause playing maple whole day .
And thks my love ones ,
im feeling alright alr , ie guess .
just broke down ytd , but im alright now =D

see , like ie said , only friends are thr for me.
he is always the one whu make me sad.
Haiis , but ..
after he came back into my life , ie just cant stop thinking abt him anymoree.
shags ~
whats his purpose to come into my life.

He in aus now
and ie rly wish he takecare of himself .
Hope he eat his daily meals and enjoy himself.
Hah !

well , going back to maple , see if ahgong is back .
stay tune (:


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