4:28:00 PM

Hellooo ,
guess whr ie am now ?!
im kidnapped by sheryl at sheryl's hus.
Hahahahaas =D

went for interview , went well .
most probably , getting the job.
den , went ie left a building , thr's this guy ..
he looked at me ( a office man )
so , ie walked away ..
was tokking to swee at that moment.
den all of the sudden , ie heard him calling me & he's chasing after me .
ie ji tao , scared dao .
walk as fast as ie could .
But , he caught up with me .

he asked me if im interesred to work for his company .
sales on IT product , $10 /hr.
however , ie felt he's a lil bian tai PLUS when ie enter his company ,
is dark dark de.
like , they're closing down or something.
Haha !

so , ie dun think ie will accepting their offer.
think the $6 /hr is still de best .
Hahahahahhaa =D

alrights , update more ltr PLUS piic.
Hahahas =D
going out with yuwen & sheryl go buy b'day cake for swee's BOYFRIEND.

stay tune (:


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