5:39:00 PM

Hmm , just watched a rly nice show.

Hahahaas =D
so , anws .
woke up nort long ago .
had a wonderful dream and ie still have recieve a call
after my interview.
Shags ~
will ie receieve it soon ?
ie wanna work .

ie seems to be spending my time and DAY playing maple.
gOsh !
ie need to do something more meaningful soon .
Hahahahas ,
bro's mapling now thus im blogging.
didnt go out today -.-'

Haiis D=
when will he return back frm aus.
3 weeks seems freaking long.
21 days ,
21-5=16 more days to gooo !!

But somehow , ie have a feeling that even if he return ..
we will still be quarrelling .
den many things wil happen .
haiis , idk .
maybe we rly airnt meant for each other right?
shags ~

Sheryl , u must think properly ok ?
cheer up , if u feel he's the one .. dont let ur mum pull u down.
But , u must make shure u know everything .
ie will be here for u =D

stay tune (:


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