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Went out today with Nana =D
its been a long time since ie last went out =x
went to bugis to look for her , walked ard ..
went for some interviews.
interview at this shop & 30 mins ltr they called me .
was so shock laa, usually have to wait for at least 1 day right?
Hahahas , so , they asked me to go down on wed for 2nd interview =D

after that we went to town , ate mac .
went to cine to catch a movie ' The House Bunny '?
ie think so .. Hahahahas ,
rating : 8/10 .
CAN WATCH , some parts are super funny .
Hahahahaha !!

after the movie ,
went to find GEORGINA AW , we went chomechome to eat dinner.
at like 11:30 ?!
Oh .. nana showed me a msg .
This guy KUAN CHEW msged nana ' when u wan be my gf '
when she showed me , ie was like ..
ehh ? This guy fcuking familiar.
we compared his no.
Gosh .
damn disgusting laa .
So , ie & nana made this plan ..
Nana accept him while ie jio him .

So , guess what ?
This guy accept us BOTH and he doesnt noe we are actually
laughing like fcuk .

How stupid this guy is , like common laa .
he wan hong oso dun hong cousins right?!
which fcuking fool will do that ?!
wait .. HIM.

so , after that ..
we flirt with him for awhile ..
like nana asked him to call her & ie oso asked him to call me.
he have to call 2 girls at one time .
guess what method he used .

He called me & he say
' im playing com , call u back ltr ? '
cas : ' NOOO , ie so boring.. ie dun care '
' okok , 5 mins ok ? '
den ie let him put down as ie wanted to see what he's going to do .
immd , nana recieve a call from him.
Same , he using com .. he cant use fone .

OMG , so ladies .. keep a good look out at ur men ,
they could be using the same tactic on u !

so , Nana asked him he got other gf?
he was like NO.( LIES )
den nana was like REALLY ma?!
den he scared dao , pretended that his hp spoilt . ( Common reason use by guys. )
den he called me back cause 5 mins was up.
ie asked him , u rly serious with me maa ?
' Yes .. '
cas : rly uh ? wait uh ....
& ie passed the fone to nana .
the moment Nana say hello he hang .
what a chicken.
den ltr , he dun dare ans any of our calls -.-'

so , nana & ie screw him in sms.

come on laa kuan chew.
pls be smarter abit , why flirt with 2 girls that are cousins?!
world stupid flirt.
Hah !
& pls , do nort get too happy that we actually let u call us ' dear ' for a few mins.
dont faint leii ..
cause do u rly think u even managed to be tgt with us ?
COME ON , look at urself in the mirror , PIG.
do u think u have that standard to even get a title ' casandra's bf & davina's bf ' ?!
u are far from it man ..
u dun even have that standard to even stand 1 km away frm me & my cousin .

sorry , but u just dun have that STANDARD.
ure just a few mins of entertainment to us ..
we are fooling a fool whu thinks he manage to flirt 2 girls.
But , sorry pig .
Hahahahaa =/

so , ladies .. If u have any friend call kuan chew ..
Pls take note !!

his tactic is he will msg u , he love u .
he will msg u he misses u .
blahblah , he will act one nice guy while he is actually a pig whu's penis is super itchy .
So , that give him a opportunities to get u yeaaahs (:

anyways , have some piic BUT its alr 1am now .
ie wunt be posting up piic today .

Oh , didnt blog recently cause ie got sooo addicted to maple.
My skills went missing .
so sad ..
well , have to re-train to get my skills but my stats are still increasing .
so att is higher now easier to lvl (:

tmr , poa ..
but im nort sleeping today ,,
planning to go skool & sleep during the paper .
alrights , stay tune (:


ps : im missing u , ie dunnoe why . So much so much =C

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