1:25:00 PM

woah , so tired.
slept at ard 2am last nite.
woke up at 7:30am .
forced myself to wake up for the interview.

wore heels agains , now my legs are getting blisters.
shags ~
Why ie wore heels?
WELL , ie wanna give a better impression thats why !!

so , anws .
SASA company is rly high class and beautiful .
Hahahas ,

im nort shure if ie get the job.
well , shuld be got the job ,
cause she said .
' mon i'll call u again den tue u come and collect ur uniforms,
and start work immd. '
is that consider im hired?
Hahahaas =D

so , wont be going to the interview with the guys anymore bah.
Ok , im fcuking fcuking tired now.
my eyes are liike closing ..
My legs are killing me ,
my toes are so painful now.
Shags ~
ie going to have a goooood sleep.

angie :
ie dont know whu the fcuk u are , claiming u are kaming's gf.
well , ie dont see any reason to believe u .
so , just grow up la.

stay tune (:


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