8:03:00 PM

just had my dinner finish =D

alrights , got nothing much to blog abt .
anws , steven they all found a 7 days job at bkfair.
but must work for 7 days.
nort bad .. but ,
the problem is kaming is coming bakk on 26.
Haiis D;

ie kept tell myself,
'you and him oso nort stead , he come back ..
also nort as if he will meet me.'

should ie lose this chance of working and earning $$$ just because of him ?
ie rly dont know siaa.
anws , tmr im going for an interview.
must reach thr b4 10am?
sad ..
dont know what time ie must wake up for this interview.
im interviewing for sale girl at SASA.
interested to work thr.
well , if ie get the job at SASA , ie might nort be working at the bkfair.
since SASA will be a more promising job .
good luck to me =D

stay tune (:


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