2:21:00 AM

Just watched two stupid show finish .
No ending one , anws . tmr is my OFF DAY .
And tmr kaming is coming back to sg . hope he can bk out uh =D

Alrights , people.
why her bf and my mum will talk is cause
her bf requsted to talk to my mum ( ie oso no idea why )
He just asked me to pass the fone to my mum -.-'
Why sua so fast ?
ie dont noe how to ans here leii ..
if u rly curious to noe and u noe me in rl , ask frm me.
Hahahaas =D
people , ie cant tell u guys much here.
if u wan whole story , u have to ask from me personally yeah ?

Hmmm , anws .
work was alright today .
getting use to it alr , ie guess =/
people at thr all starting to chat with me .
So , ie might be considering staying for a longer period .
so , anws . nutting to blog abt.
yups , stay tune (:


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