2:04:00 AM


anws , tmr still have work .
This is the first time im working on a sunday .
Fcuking sad =c
plus tmr kaming is coming back.
If can or if he wants , ie at night go find him ba ?
Hahahha -.-'
told mum : ie will late hm tmr , MAYBE if kaming wants to meet ba.

shags , im wondering what make up shuld ie put tmr.
Like , today ie use mostly brown eye shadow.
ytd was black and silver.
ie love playing with colors , OF COURSE
a colour that's nice and nort too ugly.

Oh , have some piic to post .
Hahaha , after this . im going to sleeeeep!
* yawns.
kaming , tmr ie hor work until 10 leii !
shags =C
call me once u reach hm or what ba.
If u want to call la !

Hahaha , ie will ans if ie can or ie will get back to u asap!
Noe what ?
PIC CANT BE UPLOADED , ie dont noe why !!!
rahh , alrights .
den next time den upload ba ,
anws . the pic isnt nice =x
ie look very weird!
Hahaha .
So here's an OLD piic !
its a pic , ie rly like.
Hahahaas =D
Do ie look young?

stay tune (:


ps : qianhui , u del the post den ie go del .

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