10:45:00 PM

To the dot.
Dont ever let me find out who u are .
u better pray hard.

and ie ban u is , ie feel there is no reason for me to torelate these
spamming .
Why must ie spend my day sitting infront of the com .
replying to ur nonsense when
u this coward dont even dare to state ur name?
u noe , ie DO NOT like to talk to nameless freak .
got the guts , state out ur name and we will entertain u .
since u dont have the balls to do so .
why must ie entertain u ?

Hahahas ,
this doesnt link to if im guilty or nort abt being a V.
its nort even ur business .
and , its nort as if ie BAN u only.
ie banned disgusting too .
does that make me guilty?
Nope , ie dont feel so.
And , if u read my blog
' This is my tagboard . Mind what u're tagging , If u spam , ie will ban.'
Look , its nort like ie didnt said it.
I clearly said , ie will ban .
thus , ure ban AGAINS .
use more computer , ie will ban more ip.
very simple u noe?

Like u said , u have no evidences.
den , talk so much kum lan ?
seriously laa , dont hide behind the com.
u dare to spam , dare to put name.
But , its alr like days?
u didnt put name.
thus , ie see NO POINT in giving u anymore chance .
Byebye =p

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