5:32:00 PM

is friendster having some problems? >.<
My friends from 700+ became 49 .
pissing me off.

Alrights , didnt blog these days , as everyday is the same routine -.-'
sleep all the way till evening , wake up eat , plays com .. sleep agains.

so , anws .
someone's dont care attitude is back agains.
forget it , im fcuking tired of entertaining this dont care attitude.
lyk , ie have no idea what ie did or what la.
all of the sudden , so cold.

Hmmm , so my mood is pretty bad these days.
actually is fcuking bad.
even when mum's home , ie dont even smile .
ie dunnoe why , ie just cant.
den , when dad talk to me ..
ie attituded them.
Sorry !
Haiis , ie dunnoe why , this person is affecting my mood so much =C
ie just cant control my temper towards everyone -.-'

anws , watched HotShot till esp 11 alr.
quite cute baaa.
hmmms ,
ie do feel like im alone in this world at times -.-'
maybe, ie shouldnt have quitted my job.

Alrights ,
anws , sun thing is cancelled -.-'
so , yeaaah .
ah ma's birthday is on sun anw.
mum's birthday is in 2 weeks time.
No idea what to get for her as im broke-.-'
stay tune (:


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